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B270-Superwite is an universal, economically priced quality glass, with a high transparency for visible and near infrared light. The crown glass from Schott has a colorless, white appearance and is particularly clear. B 270 is available as drawn, fire-polished sheet glass or as unpolished bar raw glass. The B270 sheet material is available at many different standard thicknesses and can be used without further surface treatment if surface quality is uncritical. To meet more demanding optical surface quality requirements, B270 can be mechanically ground and optically polished. This facilitates B270 to be used for sophisticated optical quality applications, while keeping the cost under control.

Specifications of B 270-Superwite

Optical Properties
Optical Transmission spectrum of B 270
UV-Transmission of B 270
Abbe numbers:
ve = 58,3 +/-0,6
vd = 58,5


 Wavelength (nm)

 Refractive Index (20°C)

























Mechanical Properties
Density 2,55 g/cm3
Young's modulus E 71,5 kN/mm2
Poisson's ratio μ 0,219
Torsion modulus G 29,3 kN/mm2
Knoop hardness HK100 542