Roof Prism

A roof prism (also called a Dach prism) is in general any kind of reflective optical prism containing a section where two faces meet at a 90° angle. Reflection from the two faces returns an image that is flipped laterally across the axis where the faces meet. With the roof surface, these prisms are used to invert and reverse the image.
A single Porro prism is the simplest type of roof prism, though in its most common application (the double-Porro configuration in binoculars) it is not used as a roof prism.
ATOptical can provide roof right angle prisms, roof penta or half penta prisms, Schmidt prisms, or other roof prism specified by customers.

Available as
All Glass types, Fused Silica & Infrared Crystal Materials
Surface Quality
60 - 40
20 - 10
Roof angle
± 5 arc Sec
± 2 arc Sec
± 3 min
± 5 arc Sec
Dimensions Tolerance
± 0.15
± 0.01
Dimensions Available
1.5 mm to 150mm
1.5 mm to 150mm
Coatings Available
on request