Isosceles Brewster Prisms (IBP) 

Low loss for p-polarized beam
Selection of wavelength from multi-spectral laser
Tuning by changing angle of incidence
Version available for femto-second GVD correction

Brewster Prisms are isosceles prisms arranged to have an apex angle which permits a ray entering at the Brewster angle to pass at minimum deviation. They are ideal for selection of wavelengths or tuning of laser output. If required for use with femto-second lasers please contact us and ask for the ultra-fast version.



UV Grade Fused Silica, SF10

Surface Flatness:

< λ / 8 @ 633 nm

Surface Quality:

<10 / 5

Dimension Tolerance:

<+ 0.00 / - 0.20 mm

Angular Deviation

± 3 arc min

Clear Aperture:

>85% in central circular dimension


0.3 mm (typical) x 45°