Metal Mirror

Metal Coatings are used to provide a layer which modifies the surface properties of the coated substrate into those of the metal applied. The final piece will then be a composite material exhibiting properties of both the coating and the metal, therefore, properties generally not achievable by either of them used alone.

Metal Coatings not only protect the metal components against moisture, salt spray, oxydation or exposure to chemicals, they also provide abrasion resistance and chemical protection. In fact, the coating will provide a durable and corrosion resistant layer while the core material will provide the ability to bear important loads.

• Bare Aluminum (BAL)

• Protected Aluminum (PAL)

• Enhanced Aluminum (EAL)

• Protected Silver (PAG)

• Enhanced Silver (EAG)

• Bare Gold (BAU)

• Protected Gold (PAU)Enhanced Gold (EAU)